Feeling Full

You know those moments of feeling so overwhelmed.. with feelings?

Oceans of emotion flooding your heart.

Feeling like your at your full capacity.

A deep and humble sense of appreciation for life.

A sense of stillness as you bask in the eternal now.

A moment to finally stop, breathe and soak it all in.

To check in. See how you’re doing.

Probably should have asked sooner…

Realising that you’ve been there this whole time.

Waiting in authenticity.

The REAL you.

Nobody to please or agree with.

Patiently spectating as you act out the leading role in your drama.

There is no judgement, only acceptance.

You find yourself feeling slightly ashamed that you ever tried to hide.

Attempted to pretend that what you were doing was somehow more important.

More satisfying than connecting back to that place of comfort.

To that home within your heart.

Guidelines for a Heart that’s been Broken:

Journal Entry – 12 May 2016

I have given you something sacred.

Not to have but to hold.

Not to be tampered with but  treasured.

It is not a toy nor a trophy.

It is a token of trust.

Trust that you will care for it.

Not take it for granted.

You see, when something has been broken…

It is sometimes harder to open.

And what waits inside will be a surprise.

Not only for you but for me too.

And perhaps it is not what what we expected.

But should be equally respected.

You’ve given me yours too, to hold.

And it is not a burden but a blessing.

A gift I am grateful for.