So… What do you do? 🙄

Ooooh, don’t ya just flinch hearing it?

Why? Because maybe what you do doesn’t define you. Or perhaps you’re not particularly proud of your occupation or lack thereof…Before I had a “real job” (gives me shivers), I’d find myself awkwardly avoiding to answer ‘cus I didn’t really know how. Now, I still get awkward because being a Social Media Manager who semi despises the stuff makes it feel like I’m conning people as to who I really am. It’s a pickle I’d like to get out of.

I get that it’s a classic conversation starter and asked with good intentions (most of the time), but boy can it put you on the spot. Especially if what you’re “doing” is not so hot. Like when I had to answer with – “I’m actually on the bene”, as if that was something I did.  You know what, I don’t wanna be judged by what puts money in my bank account.  I’d rather be judged by what puts joy in my heart. By what fills my soul not my freaking savings account. And you’re darn right I wish they could be one in the same but sometimes that just aint the case. Sometimes money just needs to be made honey.

My little bro was a catalyst for this journal entry when I heard his response to the age old question was simply, “I Surf”. Is it his occupation? Nope. Does he get paid for it? Nah. Is it his biggest passion in life which he spends every minute he can doing? Heck yes! So then I’d say it’s the most accurate, fulfilling and self descriptive answer he could have given. #PROUD

This little anecdote got me questioning… At what point do we have the right to say we do something? How many times a week do we need to do it, how much do we need to make and when are we good enough at it (and by whose bloody standards?) The answers don’t come easily because it’s all a bunch of bullsh*t if ya ask me. Just another box to fit into so you can present yourself as a pretty little package to society.

To hell with that.

We have the power to redefine the line we use to respond to – What do you do? To mix it up, have fun with it and start a more stimulating conversation by giving a more interesting and soul fulfilling answer. Be confident enough to own the hobbies that make you truly happy and to shove aside shame so that you can shine instead.

So here’s to switching out small talk for big talk and taking pride in promoting our true passions whether they come with a pay check or not!

Now, time to practice what I preach: I’m an explorer, writer, recreational dancer and part-time tree climber (but thinking of going full time).

What do you do?

3 thoughts on “So… What do you do? 🙄

  1. floatinggold says:

    Good luck with the tree-climbing project.
    The questions is: So, what do you do … for WORK?” That gives you less leeway in terms of responses. Humans are materialistic. We need money to live, so it’s a sort of a security question when it comes to dating. But I’m not a fan of it, either. The thing is that a lot of us do not feel 100% hot about our jobs.

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  2. Rob Probst says:

    RIght On SIster! Right On! …………….er……………………the next blog……………..may be…………Why?………… you do what you do!? thanks for challenging the “Status Quo!”

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