10 Transformational Travel Perks

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Hey fraands, I wrote a post a while back about the downfalls of long-term travel which I felt was important to share, but now it’s time to balance the scale and talk about the perks because they are plentiful! So here’s the other side of the story morning glory.

1. FREEDOM  There is an undeniable sense of freedom that comes with defying societal pressure to conform and carve out your own path instead. To redefine yourself by stepping out of the box you fit into back home and finding out who you truly are. #YouDoYou

2. OPPORTUNITIES – Let’s face it, you just don’t get the same life-altering opportunities sitting on your ass at a desk or the comfort of your couch as you do when travelling. They’re out there in the wild waiting to be snatched up like fresh baking for anyone willing to make the journey.

3. DEEP FRIENDSHIPS – Bonds created abroad are next level. There’s no time for small talk because you know time is precious so you simply cut to the chase. Deep and meaningfuls are bountiful and this allows for deeper connections to form with new and old friends alike.

4. CONNECTEDNESS  Exploring the world doesn’t make it seem so friggen big and scary. You realise how much we all have in common beneath superficial exteriors and labels which can only result in a sense of belonging to a much larger community. #WeAreOne

5.  AN OPEN MIND Staying stationary makes it all to easy to get so stuck in your own perspectives. Travelling forces you to explore different ways of life and in turn dream up ways you could live yours!


6. WAKE UP CALLS – Say Sayonara to your expectations because little can be predicted on the road. I love when life gives you a good old-fashioned rude awakening that makes you question everything!

7. FLEXIBILITY  Going with the flow is the only way to go because life throws some serious curve balls especially abroad.  Letting go of how you think life “should” (hate that word) be and allowing it to unfold in ways you never imagined.

8. CONFIDENCE – When you overcome fear and self-doubt you feel pretty darn good about yourself and what you are capable of.

9. INTROSPECTION – Travel forces you to take a look inside to contemplate your current state. To discover what fuels your fire and what puts it out. It’s the greatest journey of self-discovery!


10. GROWTH  –  Often a result of adversity because jetting off isn’t an escape from your “problems”, it’s a direct and confrontational facing up to them. These growing pains can hurt but avoiding them will cause more damage in the end.

So there you have it, a few of the informational travel perks that come with taking yourself out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. There is no doubt that fear is felt by everyone but it doesn’t STOP everyone that’s the difference. The rewards are far worth the risk and I truly believe every single person can benefit from sailing away from their safe harbour even if all they gain is a deeper appreciation for it. Travelling is an investment into yourself to become a more well-rounded, open-minded and confident person who knows exactly what they want out of life.


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