The obsession with “Perfection” #InstaSCAM

Coming in hot with a #realitycheck!

Either I’m plain out of the loop, ignorant, have too much faith in humanity or all three because I’ve been straight blindsided or better yet, INSTASCAMMED, by the fact that manipulating one’s body/face with an app is a very real, very disturbing and very utilised thing. And I’m not just referring to Snapchat filters where we can pretend to have flawless skin and big sparkly eyeballs, I’m talking about the ability to snatch your waist, blow up yo butt, lengthen your legs and brighten your smile (only the tip of iceberg), achievable with just the flick of a finger.

As you can see, I’ve had a wee play for myself and GIRLFRIEND MY JAW DROPPED when I discovered first hand how easy, accessible and undetectable this self-manipulation is. Obviously, I’ve done it to the Kardashian extreme otherwise you wouldn’t notice, but that there is exactly the issue – YOU WOULD’T EVEN NOTICE! So you can bet your bottom dollar that no one else will either (cue Ashton Kutcher telling us we’ve all just been Punk’d).
If you’re under the impression this is a strictly a celebrity only occurrence you would be sorely mistaken. Just recently, I caught wind that everyday folk will spend time fiddling around with their body shots and selfies (did you really think her skin was that smooth?) before uploading it to Instagram #Instascam. Many celebrities have been called out for doing this from T Swift to Beyonce, but we almost expect it from them, don’t we? So why should we expect it from each other too?

Here’s my theory; We’re all in the public eye now more than ever, self-made celebrities if you will, that spend time scrutinising photos of ourselves that aren’t “good enough” compared to what we see every day on our feeds. The pressure to keep up with perfection is a constant battle and a losing one at that when you’re comparing yourself to a something that doesn’t even exist. So when you give an average Joe, or shall I say Joelene, the opportunity to finally look like that model in the magazine, hell yeah the temptation is real! But it comes at a cost…
The effects self-manipulation has on mental health is detrimental. I reckon it should be a requirement to upload the original because body dissatisfaction is a big price to pay for something so unnecessary in the first place. I also fear that with such a focus on the external we may forget to work on our unfadable inner beauty. Imagine if we spent half as much time tuning our minds as we did our faces? The world would probz be a much healthier, happier and freer place to be. Unfortunately, there is no app that can give you that, just a lot of hard work, introspection and acceptance of who you were, are and are going to be.


It seems we’ve come to a point where enough is enough. I can sense the frustration from peers of the perceived “perfection” we are being fed as reality over and over again. No wonder people might be a little alarmed when a tinder date rocks up looking a little less refined than their pics online!
I know we can’t change the photo’s people put up but we CAN change our perspective of them. Take everything with a few thousand grains of salt because these days nothing is really as it seems…
I guess the main purpose of this post is not to judge right vs wrong but to raise awareness as to what is actually going on. Because it’s the people who don’t know that are being harmed the most.
Ps. I know this post could totally backfire and lead loads of people to start using these apps but hey, at least you will see how incredibly easy it is. I mean, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em, right? Mmm, not quite.

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