Unsocial Media

Social media – “connecting” you to people on the other side of the world but not in the same room.

When did we start living through a screen? When did we start placing more importance on our social media “presence” than our actual presence? Our filterless, flawless and fabulous selves. Our lying on the couch in our sweatpants eating sour lollies loveable selves. The answer is irrelevant, what matters is where do we go from here? We weren’t taught how to cope with this devotion to self-promotion at school. There was no “how to survive without social media 101” or “how to love and accept yourself as a real person, not a profile 102”.

Do we continue to scroll through mindlessly judging, regretting, wishing and fantasising while staring blankly at a screen? With no external expression of emotion visible beside the occasional LOL from a good meme. We all do it to an extent. Constantly compare ourselves while creating silly stories of why one’s life is somehow superior or inferior to another’s based on a photo of a beach or a freakin’ burrito. It’s a trap, a guilty pleasure that you know is wrong but you just can’t help but overindulge in the occasional serial stalk. But life shouldn’t feel like a competition of “who lives it best” because at the end of the day we are all just doing our best and that is something to celebrate not hate.

We are superficially more connected than ever before but we don’t feel any better, and no amount of new followers or likes will change that. It is up to us to realise self-love doesn’t stem from a selfie and emojis will never qualify as real emotions. If we unlocked our hearts as much as our phones or shared our feelings as much as our photos, I bet life would feel a lot less lonely and home would feel a lot more homey.

P.S. I take full responsibility for this technological tantrum and acknowledge that social media has many great benefits that come with it like funny videos, plus it gives people a chance to create their own community and the opportunity to be heard. But with every advancement, there is a dis-advancement. Balance is FUNDAMENTAL or you’ll go mental.


281 thoughts on “Unsocial Media

  1. Nelly Kutana says:

    Beautifully written, good thoughts.
    If life could go back to how it was before social media and technology, there will be less suicides, deaths.
    People are suffering and dying in silence because the ‘loved’ ones close to them are glued to their cell phones, and are not willing to listen to people, understand them and solve problems.
    Gruesome scenes are being captured on phones, and within minutes go viral. In stead of putting them to a halt, we rather record them and circulate all in the name of connecting to people. I always say these gadgets have made us more irresponsible than ever.
    Social media has made us unsocial, we bring far people close and drive close people far from us.

    Love your post. Kindly follow back.

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  2. paytonsblogdotcom says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I feel like it really shows the side of technology that many people don’t necessarily think about. Social media can be mean, judgmental, and very blunt unless used responsibly, but many people fail to do so. Loved the quote at the end too! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. angiebee522 says:

    Reblogged this on AngieBee522 and commented:
    This is so very true. Who would have ever imagined social media would become what it has become. Its as if you can be whoever you choose and most people will take your word. Often times some become jealous and feel like failures because they believe all the lies told on social media. Be happy in your skin and enjoy social media as entertainment.

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  4. sojournerhere7 says:

    Reblogged this on Inside My Mind and commented:
    “We are superficially more connected than ever before but we don’t feel any better […] If we unlocked our hearts as much as our phones or shared our feelings as much as our photos, I bet life would feel a lot less lonely and home would feel a lot more homey.” PREACH!

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  5. mybipolarbeast says:

    Social media can be therapeutic, for some it’s their only way to express their worries . I would rather my best friend text me privately then post her break up online . I find I only know my friends concerns through Facebook which is troubling . Very moving post .

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  6. nawafharthi says:

    Social media could be beneficial for some and not for others depending on the way we use it. personally , I think that it’s helping me know the latest news from all over the world. However, some think that social media is making our social skills weak . Social media has some pros and cons as any other resource. It must be used wisely .

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  7. pacifyingquotes says:

    Could have said my thoughts exactly but that won’t be the case as you’ve gone an extra mile.

    Who told us we can’t be happy without the media
    Who taught us to believe a lie that tastes like honey but in real sense stings more than a bee
    How did we get to comparing our uniqueness to illusions
    Why have we lost ourselves trying to be rather than being who we are.

    Thank you for this…

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  8. CleaverFit says:

    So true!

    As a soft tissue specialist, movement analyst and performance coach who runs his own clinic, I commend your honesty and subject matter.

    I don’t often say this to many people and am not the type of person to usually comment. Spoken from the heart and you have my respect.

    I have a recent post you may enjoy called “I used to be a body builder, before I grew up,” it’s a 6000 word spiel, but it deals more with the clinical element of soft tissue principality, biotensegrity and psychology.

    Give it a read some time if you are ever free. If you like it, if you agree with it, then let’s work on some online ideas together? I have a platform through my clinic and I’m looking for more people’s stories to be able to share for motivation, to help others.

    If not…then take care and keep doing you!

    From reading the comments on this feed you are obviously inspiring people, which inspires me.


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  9. Keith says:

    I’m with you on this one. Social media is a double-edged sword. I’ve been able to keep in contact with people on the other side of the globe but suddenly I look up and realize my wife and I have been staring at our phones for two hours instead of living with each other. Life your life, don’t escape from it.

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